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Last modified: Thu, 18 Mar 2010

Rendering isometric sprites

In this tutorial I will explain how to render a simple isometric sprite.

All files used in this tutorial can be downloaded here. This includes:

  • The model file

  • The render settings I used

  • The strip

  • The game file (GM7 GMK)

First, create the model you want to render. I used this model:

Image: isometricrendering-modelscreenshot.png

Make sure the model is the right size. In my example, I used a grid size of 32x16. The size of the model should be the same as the vertical grid size.

Image: isometricrendering-modelsize.png

Open the preview, and click the render button. Use these settings:

  • size of the sprite: make sure the sprite is large enough

  • origin of the sprite: don't use the center, use a higher value for y

  • number of frames: 4

  • frames per row: 4

  • background color: use a color that is not used in the sprite

  • scale: use sqrt(2) (you can put this expression directly in the input field, the program will evaluate it)

  • camera: longitude 45, latitude -30, longitude incr 90

  • light: the direction is not really important, but you should use longitude incr 90

  • samples: 1 (using antialiasing for isometric looks strange)

  • save separate alpha mask: off

  • set edge pixels: off

Render the sprite, and import it into the game. To do this, you have to create a sprite, open the sprite editor, and use 'create from strip'. Don't forget to change the origin. In your game, the result should look like this:

Image: isometricrendering-gamescreenshot.png

Good luck!


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