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Last modified: Sun, 8 Sep 2013

Making Model Creator run faster

When working with really complicated models, Model Creator will probably slow down. Here I will explain some ways to make the program run faster.

Make your model less complicated

This is the most important rule. If Model Creator is slowing down, your models will probably also slow down your game! Try to make less complicated models. Read Optimizing models for more information.

Disable views that you are not using

When you are not using a view, you can disable it by clicking again on the active view type button. As such, Model Creator will not have to redraw this view every time, and will have more time to redraw the other view.

Disable 'show icons'

Drawing icons for each selected vertex takes a lot of time, because there are no standard 3D functions for this. Therefore the program will run a lot faster when you disable this using the 'show icons' button in the view menu.

Disable edges/faces

It is not always necessary to show both edges and faces. Most of the time you can disable one of them in at least one view.

Set the normal threshold to zero in the settings menu

Each time you save a model, Model Creator will recalculate all normals and will combine normals of connected vertices to make the model appear smoother. Calculating this takes a lot of time, because the number of calculations will increase quadratically when there are more vertices. But if the normal threshold is set to zero, no normals will have to be combined at all, so saving will be a lot faster. As this setting only affects the appearance of the model, you could set this to zero until the model is finished, and only save it once with the real threshold setting.


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