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Last modified: Wed, 3 Feb 2010

The model menu

Image: model-menu-screen.png

Undo, redo

Undoes or redoes the last action. You can undo up to 20 actions.

Change model settings

Changes the model settings. These settings are saved with the model file. More information about model settings can be found here.

Show model stats

Shows how many objects the model consists of, and how many objects are in the selection.

About Model Creator

Shows information about Model Creator and credits.

New model

Starts a new model.

Preview model

Previews the current model, showing how it will look in Game Maker (with normals and everything).

Generate GML code

Generates the GML code required to load/create the current model.

Change file association settings

Here you can set if you want .gmmod files to be opened with Model Creator automatically or not.

Save current model

Saves the model.

Save current model in a different file

Saves the model using a different filename (aka 'save as').

Load a model file

Loads another model from a file.

Import another model

Loads another model from a file and adds it to the current model ('paste from').


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