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Last modified: Tue, 2 Feb 2010

The views

Model Creator uses two views. The views can be used independently, and for every view there are eight different viewing modes:

  • Top

  • Bottom

  • Front

  • Back

  • Left

  • Right

  • 3D

  • Texture

You can change the appearance of the views using the view menu.

Image: views-screen.png

A screenshot of a view

Top, bottom, front, back, left, right

These viewing modes are the easiest to work with. They use a parallel projection (ortho) to display the model, making it easy to draw and move things in one plane. These viewing modes are the best for editing the model.


This viewing mode will show you how your model will look in 3D, using a perspective projection. It can be orbited so you can see the model from all sides. The 3D view is not meant for editing, but it is a good way to select things that would otherwise be very hard to select.


This viewing mode will display a texture map of your model. This allows you to edit the texture map and see the results immediately in the other views. If you are not using textures, you will not need this view.

Show edges/faces

Indicates what should be show: only edges (wireframe mode), only faces (shaded mode), or both.


Turns lighting on or off. If you are not using lighting in your game, it is a good idea to turn this off, because it will make the models look a lot different. However, lighting is also useful to see whether the faces are tilted, especially in the ortho viewing modes.

Schematic view

Turns schematic view on or off. If schematic view is enabled, the view will not display the actual colors of the model, but it will use gray for all unselected faces and blue for all selected faces.

Show icons

Indicates whether selected points are show as icons. The icons can give a more precise indication of what points you have selected, but it can also slow the program down significantly when working with very detailed models, especially in 3D viewing mode.

Zoom in, zoom out

You guessed it: these buttons zoom in and out.

Move view, reset view

If you select this button, you can drag the view to move/orbit it. You can also use the reset button to reset the view to its initial position. Useful when you have no idea where you are.


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