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Last modified: Fri, 5 Feb 2010

The actions menu

Image: actions-menu-screen.png

Copy selection

Copies the selection. The old objects will be deselected and the new ones will be selected.

Delete selection

Deletes the selection.

Remove duplicates

Removes all duplicates in the selection. This is useful if you have accidentally copied something without moving it.

Flip faces

If triangles are facing the wrong direction, you can use this function to flip them. It also works for basic shapes that are turned inside-out.

Convert to triangles

Converts all selected basic shapes to triangles. This is useful if you only need a part of the basic shape, or if you want to apply a color to it.

Translate, rotate, scale selection

Transforms the selected vertices. It opens a popup asking for parameters.

Snap to grid

Snaps all selected vertices to the grid. Useful if you have changed the grid size or if you have converted a basic shape to triangles and want them to be snapped to the grid.

Mirror selection

Mirrors all selected objects around the plane of your choice.

Merge near vertices

Because of rounding errors, vertices that should have the same coordinates can have slightly different coordinates. This function will solve this problem. It merges all selected points whose distance is less than a value you can specify.


Opens a popup window with a few extra tools.


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