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Last modified: Fri, 5 Feb 2010

The select menu

You can select things by selecting the vertices. Some actions will work with vertices, while others will only work with objects that are completely selected. There are many ways to select vertices, but all of them allow you to use the control and shift keys to change the selection instead of replacing it:

  • None: the vertices you are selecting will become selected, all other vertices will become unselected.

  • Ctrl: the vertices you are selecting will be added to the selection.

  • Shift: the vertices you are selecting will be deselected.

  • Ctrl+shift: the vertices you are not selecting will be deselected.

Image: select-menu-screen.png

Rectangle select

Select vertices by drawing a rectangle.

Vertex select

Select vertices by clicking them.

Object select

Select entire objects by clicking them.

Invert selection

All vertices that are selected will become unselected, and all vertices that are unselected will become selected.

Select all

Selects all vertices.

Deselect all

Deselects all vertices.

Select equal vertices

For every selected vertex all equal vertices (vertices with the same coordinates) will be selected. This is useful if you have selected a triangle with the object select mode, and you want to modify the vertices of adjacent triangles too.

Deselect incomplete objects

All objects that are not completely selected will be deselected.


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