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Last modified: Sun, 19 Mar 2017

Aomway Patch ANT007B

Another patch from Aomway which seems at least as dubious as the ANT005. It's supposed to be circularly polarized, but the design seems to be 100% symmetrical, which is physically impossible. It shares many of the design flaws of the ANT005, so read my discussion about that one if you want to know the details.

It's a 2x2 array of linearly polarized patches, so I suspect that like the ANT005, this thing is actually linearly polarized.

VNA measurements

Image: photo-aomway-patch-ant007b.jpg

SMA version

Image: photo-aomway-patch-ant007b-rpsma.jpg

RP-SMA version

Image: vna-aomway-patch-ant007b.png

Matching actually looks fine on this one, but I have serious doubts about the radiation pattern.


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