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Last modified: Sun, 19 Mar 2017

IBCrazy Mad Mushroom

This is a typical cloverleaf antenna. I did not disassemble it, so I'm not sure whether it has 3 or 4 lobes.

This is one of the earliest circularly polarized antennas that was widely used in the FPV world (IBCrazy was the one who popularized cloverleafs for FPV use in the first place), but it seems to have lost most of its popularity now that so many alternatives have become available.

VNA measurements

Image: photo-ibcrazy-mad-mushroom.jpg

Image: vna-ibcrazy-mad-mushroom.png

Matching is very poor. With this level of mismatch I would start to worry about potential TX damage, at least for those people who use high power transmitters.


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