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Last modified: Tue, 9 May 2017

MenaceRC Raptor

This is the version of my own Pagoda antenna which is sold by MenaceRC. These units were sent to me by MenaceRC. They also sent me some empty ABS shells so I could assemble my own antenna with one of their shells, to see how this would affect the performance.

The shell seems to shift the frequency down a bit, which was expected, but the shift is not large enough to actually cause significant problems. The matching of the MenaceRC models seems to be slightly worse than my own prototypes, but still pretty decent. I suspect that this is related to the different type of SMA connector. My prototypes use a soldered connector, the units from MenaceRC use a crimped connector. I suppose the soldered connectors provide a better contact, but they are much more difficult to assemble.

I have no anechoic chamber measurements for these units, but I do have them for the Pagoda-2 antenna without the shell, which should have a similar radiation pattern.

This is an earlier revision which was made before the '2B' variant of the Pagoda antenna was available. New units use the newer variant and should have a center frequency slightly closer to 5.8 GHz.

VNA measurements

Image: photo-menacerc-raptor.jpg

Regular version

Image: photo-menacerc-raptor-short.jpg

Short version

Image: vna-menacerc-raptor.png

MenaceRC Raptor with regular coax, then a shorter coax, and finally a Pagoda-2 prototype with the same ABS shell.


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