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Last modified: Wed, 13 Dec 2017

Quanum Pagoda-2

This is the version of my own Pagoda antenna which is sold by Hobbyking/Quanum. These units were sent to me by Hobbyking.

I measured two LHCP and two RHCP units. The PCBs have a slightly different shape (probably to simplify alignment) and there is an unusually shaped plastic spacer between the two PCBs. This will likely change the radiation pattern a bit.

I have no anechoic chamber measurements for these units, but I do have them for my own Pagoda-2 antenna, which should have a similar radiation pattern.

VNA measurements

Image: photo-quanum-pagoda2.jpg

LHCP and RHCP versions

Image: vna-quanum-pagoda2.png

LHCP and RHCP versions (both SMA). The matching is a bit off, the center frequency seems to be closer to 5.9 GHz, but overall the efficiency is still good. I suspect that the variation between the units is the result of inconsistent soldering.


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